Wood floor refinishing


Wood floor refinishing in Jacksonville, FL

One of the greatest things about having solid hardwood floors in your home is knowing that when others are getting ready to replace their worn out floors, you’ll just be getting ready for a wood floor refinishing service, to bring yours back to a like new finish. This adds several decades to the life span of your floors, but if you’re unsure of the process, you might be leery of getting started. The fact is, it does take time, but it’s time well spent, and well worth it. Once the procedure is finished, you’ll feel as if you’ve had brand new floors installed.

At About Floors n’ More, only the highest standards will do. It’s how we have done business for years in the areas of Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach & Neptune Beach, FL, all from our showroom in Jacksonville, FL. We invite you to stop by and see for yourself how we can assist you in bringing your floors back to life. Keep reading to find out how we can take an old lack-luster wood floor and turn it into something elegant and timeless.

Wood floor refinishing in your home

The wood floor refinishing process begins by stripping off the wood layer that contains all the damage taken on over years of everyday wear and tear. From dents and dings, to water spots and stains, they will all disappear in just a short time.

Once the old layer has been removed, the underlying wood will be prepped and ready to receive its new look. Many homeowners opt to stick with the stain color and finish they’ve grown accustomed to. Others may want something different to go with new decor, so they get a brand new stain color, as well as a new finish.

Stain colors vary greatly, ranging from a simple clear coat, to the darkest of dark. Finishes can include the custom glossy style, vintage, distressed, hand scraped and more. The great thing about the vintage and hand scraped finishes, is that they allow you to mask some of the wear and tear your floor might take on over time. This means you’ll be able to go longer between refinishings, as small scuffs and scratches will not be nearly as visible.

The result is a gorgeous floor you’ll enjoy for a few more decades, before wood floor refinishing is once again necessary.



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