Tile and natural stone installation


Tile and natural stone installation in Jacksonville, FL

With a professional tile installation from About Floors n' More, you can't go wrong. A lot can go wrong with a tile installation if it isn't done correctly. You've decided that tile is the flooring you want for your project or home renovation. Maybe you've chosen ceramic tile for a room with less traffic or porcelain tile for a room with more traffic when seasons demand frost resistance, so it makes sense for your lifestyle.

Natural stone is another tile option for the depth of beauty and mosaic options for that special accent in a room. So many colors, so many styles, and so many combinations to help you achieve just the look you want. For some, tile is a good option with children and animals around, and easy to clean up. For others, it is the versatility and possibly European charm one can achieve for instance with natural stone. Regardless of the type of tile you choose, About Floors n' More's installation professionals know exactly how to get the job done. We are licensed, trained and insured.

Tile & natural stone installation and subfloors

The condition of your subfloor and the tile selected can determine the type of tile installation needed. For instance:

  • If you chose natural stone, it requires a technique different from ceramic or porcelain tile
  • If you have a wooden subfloor, this requires an additional step than if you were installing on cement
  • If you are using tile in an area that is always wet, waterproofing may be required

Regardless of the type of stone or tile chosen, the surface of the subfloor must be prepared to be flat, smooth and dry. If there are any ridges or any type of indentations or bumps these would need to be dealt with prior to installation.



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Other considerations with a tile or natural stone installation

  • Make sure the correct underlayment material is used
  • Make sure the setting materials used are correct for the type of tile and substrate chosen
  • Tiles need to set for 24 hours to cure before grouting. After grouting don't walk on them for another 24 hours
  • For natural stone, sealing is required before grouting and for routine maintenance
  • The installers clean up after grouting, but it is possible a film may still remain. If so, use fresh water with a sponge that is wrung out to wipe it clean

The professionals at About Floors n' More will go over everything with you prior to installation day…no need to worry. And if you have questions, before, after or during we are always available. For your next tile installation project, visit one of our two showrooms in Jacksonville, Florida or call us today to schedule an appointment.