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Rug binding is a very important process, but is a fairly neglected topic of conversation in carpeting talk. Without it, your rugs and carpet would unravel and fray horribly, not only creating a floor covering that looks bad, but that will need to be replaced far too soon. Read on to find out more important facts about this topic and discover whether it’s something you need to have done as well.

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Rug binding 101

The process of binding rugs is a fairly simple one, really. You simply apply a fabric, an adhesive or a special stitching process to the edges of unfinished rugs in order to keep them from fraying out, unraveling and wearing out prematurely. This not only allows carpet and remnants to be cut to perfect sizes, especially for wall-to-wall carpeting, but it also allows custom area rugs to be created as well.

When binding tape is applied to the carpet’s edge, the process is known as binding. However, stitching the edges is called serging, while adding a specially designed fringe to those edges is simply known as fringing. The latter is particularly used in binding of Oriental rugs.

Some homeowners have considered the DIY rug binding method, however, that isn’t always the best option. For one thing, it can cost as much or more than a professional binding, it takes much more time, and do it yourself remedies never last as long as what you’ll get from a professional service. If the binding you need done is crucial, and durability an important factor, you really should consider a professional solution.

This option is perfect for custom area rugs that might have an unusual shape or size. Some homeowners prefer something a little more unique and suited for their own particular homes and that can sometimes be a challenge in the rug binding department. If you find yourself in such a situation, be sure to stop by About Floors n’ More to find out how we can help.