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Hardwood installation in Jacksonville, FL

  • Most hardwood must acclimate to the environment in terms of temperature, in the space it will be installed. We will deliver the hardwood to your home for as many days as the manufacturer suggests prior to installation to allow this to occur.
  • Hardwood does continue to expand and fluctuate even after it is installed, which is why when it is installed there needs to be an “expansion gap” left around all sides of the room. We remove all baseboards prior to installation and replace them afterward.
  • Hardwood flooring that is unfinished may require a multi-day process of sanding and coats of finish and take a few days before it is ready to be walked on. Pre-finished hardwood flooring can be walked on right away. We will go over exactly what you need to know before, during and after the installation.

Professional hardwood flooring installation is a must

A lot of thought went into choosing hardwood flooring and you should have as many reasons why you need a professional hardwood flooring installation. It is not the first thing we think about but is equally as important. The natural warmth and beauty of a hardwood floor are undeniable. The virtues such as durability, easy cleaning and of course, it adds value to your home, are some of the reasons why it is as popular and in demand today.

There are many different hardwood flooring options such as:
  • Engineered hardwood– a great choice in Florida for an authentic hardwood floor without moisture issues; because of how it is “engineered” if can be placed on a slab floor. Great for first floor installations.
  • Solid hardwood– because this is solid wood, it should not be laid directly on a slab because of moisture. It's a great choice for a second-floor installation because it will be laid on top of a wood floor foundation.
  • Exotic wood – this is a personal preference choice, either for aesthetic or for the uniqueness and possibly rarity of the woods. These woods are typically not found in the United States but in “exotic” places around the world. They tend to fade or change colors with light, so they are used in spaces taking that into consideration.



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Protect your investment with professional hardwood flooring installation

When it comes to hardwood flooring installation, there is a lot to know. When you use a professional from About Floors n' More, there is no need to worry about the investment you made in your flooring choice. We have two locations to serve you in Jacksonville, Florida and we serve the entire Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach and Neptune Beach communities.

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