Fireplace surrounds and hearths


Fireplace surrounds and hearths in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re new to fireplaces, it can be confusing and hard to understand all the terminology surrounding them. But today, we are going to focus on the fireplace surround and hearth, two of the most important facets of your fireplace. Understanding these two can be of the utmost importance, as can choosing the best materials in creating them. It’s not just about safety either. These two seemingly small parts can be a great asset to your home’s décor and overall style.

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A fireplace surround and hearth you’ll love

The fireplace hearth is the portion that actually sits on the floor and supports everything. The surround, on the other hand, is the portion that can actually be considered part of your furniture. While it has no particular bearing on the function of the fireplace, it can make a major difference in the way it looks and how it sets the room.

The fireplace surround and hearth can be made of many different types of materials, but stone is usually used for hearths. Granite, marble, and limestone are all great choices, as they are durable, stable and perform well under the stresses of constant heat. These choices will probably last longer than many others would.

The surround can be created using a wide variety of materials including all natural stone, bricks, tile, or solid wood. It takes a bit of effort to plan the perfect fireplace surround, as there are a variety of factors that will affect how it looks and performs. For instance, the size of your hearth can have a huge impact on what type of surround you can choose. So can the desire to place a television above your fireplace.

You don’t have to worry though. We’ll help you pick the perfect fireplace surround and hearth that will work perfectly in your own home.



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