luxury vinyl flooring

Wow! The elegant look of wood in my sunroom

Why shouldn’t the enclosed porch have a touch of luxury and elegance? It’s easy and affordable when the flooring is made vinyl planks.

With this flooring, you can expect the durability and budget-friendliness of vinyl with all the luxury, warmth and richness of a wood plank.

What are these floors?

Before you go into any store, be clear on your desired flooring appearance. Do you want the ultra-look of luxury, warmth, and elegance of wood, or the opulence of stone?  Or will it be fun, retro looks with tile?

How it’s made

The vinyl, thanks to modern digital photography, is a clear image that shows every knot, raised grain, veining or swirl.  It’s then cut into strips and mounted on a board to resemble a plank. Embossing gives it a wire-brushed, hand-scraped, distressed or antiqued appearance, and it comes in either a matte or gloss finish.

Although luxury vinyl comes in tile-sized pieces, many prefer a plank because of the larger format and fewer seams. Many say planks give the wood appearance more realism. 

Why the flooring retailer loves this for consumers

We know all about the high-end appearance, but there are other reasons:

  • Affordability.  It offers a terrific alternative to natural wood or stone but at a more budget-friendly cost.
  • Durability.  Vinyl, itself is strong, but the luxury version has a clear top wear layer that protects it from scratches, scuffs, and stains.  It also helps keep it entirely waterproof.
  • Easy Care. A broom and a mop are all you need.
  • Simply installation.  It's even DIY-friendly if you're so inclined.  With a few exceptions, it can be placed over existing floors and the pieces click together.

Is it suitable for a high-end home?

Yes, and we are seeing it, more and more, in those homes.  You know those glossy wood floor photos you see in the design publications?  You can have those!

It’s unfortunate that many still think of vinyl as the economy product, with flat images, that it was decades ago. Like anything else, technology has made it evolve and the luxury plank is one of those evolutions.

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