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Wood Flooring is the Perfect Choice for Jacksonville

This Florida city is a little chameleon-like. On one hand, it’s peppered with miles and miles of beaches which give it a casual, contemporary feel.

But many of the homes are also traditional.

It’s also like many other cities, not without its quirks. Neither is medium-toned wood, what with its knots, raised grains and patterns like Herringbone.

Wood flooring is versatile enough to work well with any environment. This installation is great for any style home.

Hardwood floors can also sometimes look a little different with various furnishings. Even though you might select a dark floor like, say, mahogany, hardwood also has those gorgeous undertones; red, orange, brown and more, that when paired with different wall colors, upholsteries, other woods, accessories and even views: WOW!

Weather and Wood
The weather in Jacksonville is perfect by some standards: Warm, tropical and with mild winters. Solid hardwood expands and contracts in an effort to adjust to the climate, so it will expand with humidity unless acclimated.

A good alternative is engineered hardwood; yes, it is real wood, so much so that real estate agents are legally allowed to advertise it as such in their marketing materials. In fact, the only thing different about it is the construction. Solid is solid all the way through, so the fibers lie parallel. Engineered is a layered product, so the fibers crisscross, giving it more stability, and the ability to stand up to moisture and water.

This is a city well known for affordable housing, but did you know wood flooring is an installation that can actually pay you? First, it adds so much value to a home that, in a national survey of real estate sales associates, it was found that many buyers will pay as much as 10 percent over the asking price for a home with this flooring. That means if your home is listed for $200K, it can possibly go for $220K. Second, when properly cared for, this floor will last for decades. That means no replacement costs.

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