Wood Flooring Installation

When looking for a wood floor or a wood installer in Jacksonville, Florida, About Floors n’ More has been asked many questions to guide customers in making an educated decision. Here are some of those questions to make sure you are getting what you think you are getting.

- Does the wood meet the Lacey Act?
- Does the wood have formaldehyde-based glue,does it have low VOC emission?
- Is the wood engineered, so it can be installed on concrete?
- What glue is required by the manufacturer?
- What experience does the installer have with engineered wood flooring?
- What is the installation guarantee?
- Does the installer use test for moisture with a meter?
- Is a calcium chloride test needed to test the moisture level? (the only true method)
- Does the installer properly prep the floor? (approx 2 days for 1000 sf of wood)
- Does the wood get properly acclimated in your home?
- Does the installer have proper insurance (such as workman’s comp) & license for this type of work?
- Where did the installer receive his training?
- Does the installer provide a list of references if requested?
- How long should the job take?
- Does the installer/dealer undercut the door jam?
- Do they leave expansion joints?
- Will they move furniture at no charge?
-Do they remove the existing flooring and dispose of it properly?

These are questions to ask about engineered & solid wood floors, but in general, for any type of flooring installation these are additional questions to ask.

- Do they have only a cell phone or do they have permanent office?
- If there is a problem, will you be able to reach them, even years later?
- Will they stand behind their work and fix problems after the job is done?

The average person is in the market for a new floor only once every 7-10 years. So this makes it difficult to know all of the new innovations that have occurred during this time. This list is a good starting point for any consumer. At About Floors n’ More we want to make sure we educate each customer and ensure they purchase the floor that meets their needs in every aspect.