Wood Floor Maintenance

Maintenance for Wood Floors
  1. With all the ads and people telling consumers how to maintain their woods floors, it is no wonder consumer are confused. Some brief tips:
  2. Water and wood do NOT mix. Unless the manufacturer says it is ok, do NOT use steam cleaners on a wood floor.
  3. Vinegar and water used to be recommended for cleaning wood floors. However, today manufacturers recommend cleaners that are specially formulated for wood floor finishes. In fact, vinegar is acidic and too much could damage the finish.
  4. Most floors today have urethane-type finish whether finished at the manufacturer or on-site. For those finishes, a cleaner recommended by any major wood manufacturer would be fine. About Floors n More stocks a full line of green products made by Mohawk specifically for wood floors.
  5. Do not use any polish or conditioner product on your floor, even if it says it is for wood floors. Many of these products leave a sticky film on the floor that can only be removed professionally, at great cost.
  6. Vacuuming wood floors is a good idea. Dirt particles that are left on the floor act like an abrasive. Vacuuming as often as possible will prolong the life of the finish. Do not use a vacuum bar which can damage the finish.
  7. Some products you buy in the store, say they can be used on your floors but check first with your manufacturer before using them. Most of them will harm your floors and ruin your finish.
Overall follow these tips:
  • Sweep and/or vacuum the floor as often as possible.
  • Never ever wet mop a floor.
  • Only use cleaners that are recommended by major wood manufacturers.
  • Use mats at all doorways.
  • Put floor protectors on the bottom of all furniture.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Keep pets nails trimmed. Know that dogs running through the house will scratch any finish.
  • Keep your home at normal living conditions.