Will luxury vinyl plank flooring expand after installation?

Will luxury vinyl plank flooring expand after installation?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a popular product for many homeowners who prefer quick and easy installation, stunning visuals, and excellent durability. But the benefits the flooring offers are just as important.

For instance, you won’t have to worry about expansion when you choose luxury vinyl flooring. They’re made with safeguards that prevent expansion, contraction, swelling, and more.

Acclimation offers the best results

You may think acclimation is only necessary with wood flooring, but luxury vinyl flooring can benefit from the service too. This process allows your LVP flooring to adjust to the humidity levels and temperatures in your home to prevent the possibility of expansion.

Most manufacturers recommend one to three days of acclimation for the best results. Once we assess your space, we can give you more precise details before the installation process starts.

Adding an expansion gap

During the installation process, we'll leave an expansion gap around the room's edges. The gap allows the flooring to expand naturally without creating damage to the flooring.

A transition strip or molding is added to your luxury vinyl flooring to cover the gap while allowing slight movement to prevent an unsightly experience. These strips will also add impressive visual appeal to your room, especially when matched for color, texture, and size.

Considerations for subfloor preparation

Subfloors can also affect expansion, so it’s crucial to give this part of the remodel our complete attention. We’ll ensure a clean, dry, level subfloor to alleviate expansion due to movement and moisture.

Proper subfloor preparation combines with climate control for results that are sure to meet all your needs. We recommend avoiding extreme temperatures or humidity levels, which helps keep LVP flooring expansion at bay.

Professional services at your disposal

Professional installation is the best way to ensure all flooring needs are met to avoid expansion issues. While most floors do expand and contract naturally in small increments, damage doesn’t have to be an issue.

We have the luxury vinyl flooring you need

Your luxury vinyl plank flooring will last years with professional installation and regular care, even in damp, humid spaces. These luxury vinyl plank flooring products can serve you for up to 20 years, thanks to special construction measures.

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