hardwood floor installation

Why Jacksonville Homeowners Love Hardwood Flooring

A wood flooring installation can add style to the most traditional or contemporary setting. There’s a wide assortment of species and colors, whether you select solid or engineered hardwood, not to mention the undertones!

You can play it up to create your own unique design. For instance, gray wood (a big trend this year), often has a blue tinge. Continue the ambiance by maybe painting the walls a blue shade. Then add with a few warm colors, such as gold or yellow drapes.

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Here are some other reasons why people love a wood flooring installation:

● These floors are long-lasting and durable.

With proper care and a little common sense, you’ll have them for years. Don’t use excess water, because that can warp them, and use mats near entryways because sand sometimes scratches. Use protective pads when moving furniture across the floor. High heels can dent floors, and keep pet nails trimmed.

Cleaning is simple, because all you need to do is sweep and mop; they just don’t absorb dirt and spills like other types of flooring.

You might have to have them refinished from time to time.

● The floors will increase the value of your home.

Real estate sales associates have said that buyers will often pay more for a home with wood floors. Even if you’re not planning to sell, isn’t that nice to know?

● Two types of construction mean something for everyone.

There are two types of wood flooring: Solid and engineered. One is solid all the way through, so the fibers are parallel to each other, and it will expand and contact in an effort to adjust to weather conditions. You can eliminate this challenge with a simple process to acclimate the wood before installing, and your flooring pro can explain this.

The other option is to avoid it completely by purchasing an engineered product, which is 100 percent real wood, and adds the same value to your home. The only difference is the construction where the fibers criss-cross, making it more stable and moisture-resistant.

If you have additional concerns, our experts want to address them, so come into the About Floors ’n More showroom in Jacksonville, FL.