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Why does luxury vinyl plank need to acclimate?

Luxury vinyl plank often requires acclimation, just as hardwood flooring does. Acclimation helps prevent damage after product installation.

But why do these floors need acclimation? That's a great question, and we have some answers that could help.

The nature of luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring features a layered construction with tiny air pockets. As temperatures and humidity levels can change, it can cause flooring changes too.

If these floors expand or contract, it can cause various flooring damage. This is especially the case if the floors have an adhesive attachment.

How long does acclimation take?

Luxury vinyl flooring is acclimated in about 72 hours under normal circumstances. Once you choose a material, your flooring professional will discuss this service.

We'll help you plan a time that fits your schedule. And we'll tell you what you can expect afterward.

How are these floors acclimated?

The best way to acclimate is to bring the flooring boxes into the room where they'll be installed. We'll open the boxes and stack them to allow airflow between them.

Once acclimation is complete, we can proceed with a regular, fast, and easy installation. You can walk on your luxury vinyl plank flooring as soon as the service is complete under most normal circumstances.

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