Luxury Vinyl Plank | Jacksonville, FL

When would I choose luxury vinyl plank?

You would want these vinyl boards whenever you want the luxury look of hardwood in any room, but at a more budget-friendly price.

By the way, this is also often referred to as just LVP.

Waterproof makes it go where others can’t

Say you always wanted wood in your bathroom. You probably already know that wood can be damaged by excess water and, since the bath is so high moisture, it’s not recommended for installation there.

While a plank, the wood hasn’t come from the forest, but you can still have the luxury of that look because the vinyl is waterproof.

Another example is the marble bath because that look is trending right now Marble can be soft, porous and expensive so it might not be in your budget. Some people prefer to have it cut or in this form because there'll be fewer seams, making it a perfect alternative for that all-marble bathroom.

Let's talk about the cost

Yes, real wood is cost-effective in the long-term because it’s so long-lasting.

There is, however, some sticker-shock at the time of initial purchase and your wallet just may say no. That's true for stone and, to some extent, even for tile. Even though you can mix and match the tiles and, hence, create various price points, it still may not fit into your financial plans.

Vinyl plank is a great alternative so you can have a luxury look at a fraction of the cost.

Other reasons to choose it include:

●Style. It’s hard to tell one plank from another. Vinyl is cut into strips and mounted on boards. It's available in an assortment of colors, species, and designs. Embossing makes gives it a hand-scraped, wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued look.

This is a case where technology is synonymous with luxury. High definition photography gives the image such clarity you see all the knots, raised grains, swirls, and veining of the real thing.

●The luxury of time. Who wants to spend their schedule cleaning floors? With vinyl, just sweep and mop the plank.
●Durability. It's one of the most highly recommended floorings if you have kids or pets.

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