When is it Time for New Floors?

Purchasing new floors for your home is a big decision, and it is easy to let it slip down the “to-do list.” There are many choices involved and as a big purchasing decision it can be daunting. So when is the right time to check it off the list and make it happen? We’ve compiled three solid reasons that will help you decide when the time is right to update your current floors.

1. Lifestyle Change

Imagine all of the years your neighborhood kids and family pets have trekked in mud and dirt. Events like having a baby, moving your children out, getting a new pet or giving away a pet are lifestyle changes that can shift your priorities at home. Kids and pets are messy, and this affects your carpet, tile or wood floors. If you now have an empty nest, it might be time to treat yourself and thank your home for housing all those years of entertainment.

2.Health Concerns

Your flooring can pose a health risk to your family and friends as it can be a source for mold issues, insect infestations and allergens. Carpet can house bacteria if it is not properly cared for and cleaned, and wood floors damaged by water can become a health risk if it is not dried out and replaced. If a family member has bad allergies, you should consider purchasing floors that can be easily maintained and cleaned of allergens.

3. It has been seven to 10 years

The standard rule for replacing floors is seven to 10 years. While floors may not physically break like an appliance would, they get more wear and tear than you may think. Keep in mind that there are only so many times you can refinish your wood floors or professionally clean your carpets. Also, when buying a new home, be sure to ask how long the current floors have been in place. This may be the perfect time to update the floors and choose your own style.