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What's trending in glass tile backsplashes?

The perfect glass tile backsplash is closer than you think when you choose a trending option. Trends meet your needs in various ways that could serve you well over time.

Take time to learn about which trends are available and will work best for you. Here are some facts that could help you choose.

Glass tiles are trendier than ever

You're not likely to see these tiles go out of style soon. Instead, they could help you create the trendiest possible look in every room.

With more color and texture than ever, a subway tile backsplash is a great choice. So, trends are perfect for your home, no matter the room.

Large, beautiful tile formats

They say bigger is better, which is valid for kitchen glass trends. Even better, you can customize products to fit your need.
Tall tiles are a fantastic choice for many spaces, taking backsplashes to the ceiling. You'll appreciate the results of raising the bar on your kitchen backsplash.

Have you heard of mosaic tiles?

If not, this is a great time to consider a trend that can do so much. Mosaic kitchen backsplash tiles attach the glass pieces to a large board for a faster and easier installation.

These tiles are a great way to customize your look for the perfect backsplash trend. And it can match any decor scheme you have in place.

Take time to consider our glass tile options

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