Waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, FL from About Floors n' More

What is waterproof flooring made out of?

That’s a great question to ask, and it leads us to a follow-up question as well, which we will address in just a minute.

So, from what are these waterproof floors made?

The answer is that they are primarily made from vinyl, arguably the most versatile of all plastic products. We use vinyl to create everything from plastic-wrap for food to water-pipes for homes. It is durable, flexible, and, ultimately, waterproof. Even better, it is safe. Think about it; if this is a material made to store and protect food and drinking water, it must also be safe to have in your home's living areas.

The second question?

That would be, is this material recyclable? We are all concerned with the environment. Vinyl is one of those things that can be chopped into pieces and then melted down to remake other vinyl products, from plastic wrap to more luxury vinyl flooring (LVF).

You said mostly

Luxury vinyl plank flooring (LVP) and Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) both have a layer of solid vinyl on the top designed to look and feel just like the flooring material they are emulating. This then is mounted on a Stone-Plastic Core or a Wood-Plastic Core where the respective materials are bound together in suspension to create a solid backing that will support and add durability to the flooring material itself. Nevertheless, these materials are recyclable as well.

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