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What is the best way to clean luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank flooring
refers to the design option of cutting luxury vinyl into planks to mimic hardwood boards; this material can also be cut into square, groutable, tile-sized pieces. A great benefit of this vinyl is easy cleanability; regular maintenance will keep the floor looking and performing well for a long time, without stains setting or dirt embedding and creating scratches.

Is vinegar good to clean with?

Yes, when diluted in proper proportion with water, the acidity in vinegar, particularly apple cider, removes grime and dirt without buildup and soap residue. When full-strength, however, it comes too acidic and permanently dulls the finish and destroys shine. Here's how to do it with vinegar: First, sweep well, getting into corners and under cabinets; you don't want to spread the soil around as you mop! Use a damp, well-wrung mop (preferably microfiber) to clean with a mixture of one cup apple cider or white vinegar to one-gallon water. 

If floors are dirty, add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap to the vinegar-water mixture but then mop a second time without the detergent, only the water, and vinegar. For tough-to-remove stains, consult the manufacturer directions or speak to your flooring expert at About Floors 'n More.

Other benefits of luxury vinyl plank include:

  1. High-end,sophisticated style. Considered a premium product, all luxury vinylimages of wood, stone, or tile are taken with 3D photography, have amicro bevel, and are embossed for depth, dimension, and texturedappearances.

  2. Durability.LVP is a layered product; at the top is a clear, tough melaminesheet that protects against scratches and stains. While all vinyl is durable, the luxury version is thicker and should be at least 8-mm or higher. Wear layers should be 20-mils.

  3. Uncomplicatedinstallation. This can be a floating floor, where the pieces mat andthen hover over any existing subfloor. No nails or glue are needed,and subfloors need only be clean, dry, and level.

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