vinyl flooring

What flooring works best in the laundry room?

Just because a room is for work doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stylish!

Laundry rooms are often given limited consideration, but when you think of it, they’re an important part of the house. Often located off a room such as a kitchen or dining room, they become a transition into the rest of your home.

These planks are ideal because there's always a possibility of water leakage or flood; washing machine hoses are notorious for flooding when they become corroded. Although vinyl is tough, it is a high moisture room, especially when people leave damp towels to be washed.

That means you need something stylish, luxurious, and ultra-waterproof. Because luxury vinyl can be a remarkable simulation of wood, especially when cut into a plank, it’s been said that it goes where no wood dares. Get it with the WPC (wood plastic composite) core, and you have the highest protection against water.

What is a vinyl plank and why is it called “luxury?”

Luxury vinyl planks are referred to as "luxury" because of their high style. Water is an enemy of wood, so wood would never be recommended for rooms with a risk of water damage; now you can have that look without the worry.

Each plank is made of four layers, with the top sheet being a clear plastic wear layer that protects against scratches and water. Then you have the image layer which, thanks to high definition photography, is a remarkable likeness of a real wood species. Add texturing to give it depth and dimension and it can look wire-brushed, distressed, or antiqued. Then comes the core; the traditional one is made up of vinyl composites. It, too, is waterproof; we suggest you get the highest protection with a WPC core. The bottom layer is an underlayment that adds cushioning and makes it less rigid than other hard surfaces and more comfortable to stand on for any length of time.

Just like any vinyl, the planks are easy to maintain, highly durable, easy to install and, most importantly, very affordable — it’s luxury without the high maintenance or high cost!

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