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What different design looks can I have with a tile backsplash?

Don’t know where to start with your kitchen update? There are plenty of ways to freshen up your space that won’t cost a ton of money. However, redoing your backsplash is by far the easiest and quickest way to a stunning new look. Let’s go over a few of the hottest trends right now to inspire you for your upcoming redo.

Tin wall

Think outside of the box with this unique – and very affordable – tile idea. With a nod to a vintage styling and a one-of-a-kind redesign, consider the forever-chic look of filigree-detailed tin. What’s great about this style is it's also super simple to maintain and clean. Plus, it will certainly last for years to come. 

Mirrored tile

Add more depth while reflecting light for a glamourous, stunning installation with mirrored tiles. Because of these added elements, your kitchen won’t just appear bigger, but it’ll look so much grander too! They take mere minutes to clean, so don’t worry about upkeep. And, for those who like to make sure their chic is always in place, the mirroring allows you to double-check your look when entertaining guests!

Unique tile shapes

Make a statement like no other by sourcing tiles that have unique shapes. Steer clear of the usual rectangular and square shapes and find the most distinctive form out there – and put it to good use! Certainly, this is one way to stick with a material you prefer while also thinking outside of the box.

Herringbone tiles

Even if you have a standard or relatively small design for your kitchen, make an instant statement by arranging tiles in a herringbone pattern. The appearance of such an intricate pattern creates the semblance of a well-planned out space, providing true character, visual interest, and depth. Further, you can accentuate the uniqueness of the style by adding dark grout to the installation.

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