Waterproof flooring from About Floors n More in Jasksonville, FL

Waterproof floors: the perfect combination of brawn and beauty

While there’s a lot of water-resistant flooring on the market, this product is completely impervious to water. It has a high end, stylish look fit for any room in the house and is also the perfect answer for storm-prone areas or homes with tendencies to leak and flood.

Form + Function

A favorite expression of architects and designers, this flooring is an incredibly realistic mimic of natural materials with a breathtakingly large assortment of colors, species, patterns, and designs. Images are taken with 3D photography so you would see every knot, grain, or veining as you would in any authentic wood, tile, or stone. Embossing features are available to add textures such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered or distressed. It comes in matte, gloss, or high gloss finishes.

It can be cut into planks or tile-sized pieces. As long as the area is temperature-controlled, you can use it in outdoor spaces such as sun porches. Because it is so fashionable and hardwearing, it's common to see it in some of the most prestigious restaurants, hotels, and offices. Discuss the many design options with your waterproof flooring retailer.

A construction that eliminates moisture build-up

First, this product comes with a technologically advanced core that won’t peel or ripple no matter how much water to which it’s exposed, or for how long. It won’t delaminate or swell. It also has a special waterproof adhesive backing, and this is what makes it stand out from more traditional products when it comes to waterproofing.

Other benefits include a thick top clear plastic wear layer that protects against scratches, scuffs, and wear. The wear layer, measured in mils, typically comes in 6, 12, or 20 sizes. The denser, the more durable; 20-mil is usually selected for commercial applications.

It’s also easy to clean, with no grime or dirt traps; just sweep and use a manufacturer-approved cleaner. The DIY-friendly installation is uncomplicated; since it is composed of vinyl, it has the same techniques, including click and lock and glue-down.

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