Waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, FL from About Floors n' More

Waterproof flooring for pets

For pet owners, one of the best floor coverings you can invest in is waterproof flooring. These floors provide multiple levels of protection for the peace of mind you've always wanted with pets in the home.

In addition to imperviousness to liquids, dampness, and humidity, they also offer stain, scuff, and scratch resistance. When you put all these benefits together, you have a great floor covering for your needs.

Waterproof floors are a beautiful choice

Luxury vinyl waterproof flooring provides a core material that protects you against all kinds of liquid-related issues, including swelling, warping or buckling. When you need outstanding protection against possible water damage, especially when pets are concerned, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything else to get it.

These floors also offer beautiful visuals protected by a top wear layer, resisting scratches, scuffs, and stains. Even your pet’s nails will be no match for the protection this layer provides, especially since you'll have the option to choose different thicknesses for added protection.

When you’re ready to install your waterproof floors, you’ll find the process is quick, easy, and allows you to walk on them as soon as the installation is complete. To see all your options, be sure to visit and talk with a flooring professional at your convenience.

Let us help you pick the best waterproof materials

When you need great waterproof flooring in Jacksonville, About Floors n More is ready to get to work to help meet that need. We offer all the materials and services you’ll need to create a perfect floor covering that caters to your lifestyle and more.

When you’re in the areas of Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, or Neptune, FL, we invite you to visit either of our showrooms in Jacksonville, FL, or Jacksonville (Mandarin), FL. Our associates are standing by to make sure you find everything you need for excellent, pet-proof waterproof floors.