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Tips On Choosing the Best Wood Flooring for Your Beach House

When you think of hardwood flooring, there are probably two descriptive elements that pop into your minds: Timeless and classic. And, really, the truth is, these two features are indeed perfect descriptors for this beautiful hard surfacing material. Perhaps, that's why beach house owners choose this tough, unique material time and time again. However, at About Floors n' More, our Jacksonville, FL showroom experts would like you to consider a few things when selecting this fantastic wood flooring installation.

Mind the Width 

Wider planks not only create a warmer, more inviting appearance, but it also produces an illusion of space. If you're hunting for surfacing that could turn your small home into something deceptively impressive, then call on wider planks for an airier, vaster feel. 

Consider Engineered Hardwood

While generations ago, many homes opted for the solid version, that's only because they didn't have this modern option. With a veneer surface and solid core, this alternative possibility presents homeowners with a truly durable, moisture-resistant selection that's immune to the contracting, expansion, or warping that's typical of materials in coastal regions. Plus, this is still the 'real deal,' a wood flooring installation that looks identical to its solid counterpart. 

Select a Finish That's Textured

Since you're looking for something that's ideal for a beach house, a place that often sees a lot of water and sand action, you may want to select a finish that's textured. In doing so, this fashionable appearance also conceals scratches and light damage. Essentially, you're opting for a material that is 'very forgiving,' which is perfect for homes that are near the beach, as it hides sand granules that manage to get inside. 

Opt for Lighter Colors

Although some people may prefer darker tints, lighter colors hide wear-and-tear a whole lot better. If your beach house doubles as a family getaway and will see a lot of traffic, then you may want to heed this tip. Remember, when the sopping family pet is running alongside your sandy, sun-kissed kids, straight through your front door, you may wish you had chosen a slightly less dark tone altogether. Enjoy your family fun in the sun without the stress by choosing lighter colors off the bat.