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Tips for caring for your waterproof flooring

When you choose waterproof flooring for your home, you'll love the results you get. They're beautiful, protective, and offer a great lifespan too.

But you might have questions about how best to care for these materials. Here are some tips to help you do that with confidence.

Keep a regular cleaning schedule

The traffic and activity levels will dictate how often you have to sweep and mop waterproof vinyl flooring. For example, you'll clean more if you have pets, children, or frequent foot traffic.

But if your house is usually quiet and calm, you may be able to go a day or two without cleaning your waterproof laminate flooring.
The important thing is to remove dirt and debris before they have a chance to damage the surface of your floors.

Use area rugs in your busiest spaces

Area rugs, mats, and runners can keep most, if not all, daily wear off the surface of your waterproof flooring. Use them in hallways, children's rooms, and foyers for the most protection.

As a bonus, you can also use these rugs to add softness and comfort. And they're consistently important for added visual appeal.

Stay away from these things

You might hear that steam cleaning is suitable for waterproof flooring, but that's not true. While the flooring is 100% waterproof, it can't handle excessive heat.

Also, refrain from coarse or abrasive cleaners and tools. These can damage and wear away the protective coat, reducing its lifespan.

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