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Tile: Easy-Peasy to Keep Clean

Everyone is getting ready for the sun’s eclipse on August 21. The latest is a story from the Associated Press, appearing on Jacksonville.Com--”Do Eclipses Drive Animals Wild?”


Even though this story is about wildlife, such as llamas, it’s really a good thing to keep an eye on your pets; and be very happy if you have tile, because it’s one of the easiest things to clean.

You do need to sweep or vacuum them regularly, because even though dirt can’t penetrate, sand and grit can, and that will dull the glazed surface. When washing, all you need is a mild soap and a rag, or a microfiber mop. (Do avoid sponge mops, because even though they can be good, they need to be properly maintained; otherwise, you’ll just spread the bacteria around.) Also, make sure you change the water as soon as it starts to look cloudy.

Got stains? That’s pretty easy, too, says About Floors n’ More of Jacksonville, FL. A non-abrasive all-purpose cleaner will take care of most of them, but some stains will need a little special treatment, such as:

● Blood: Blot with hydrogen peroxide.
● Coffee or tea: Wash with all-purpose soap and hot water. Then pat with some hydrogen peroxide.
● Kitchen cooking splatters/grease: Wash with club soda and water, just as you would for a clothing spot, or even wash with all-purpose soap!
● Gum: Put ice cubes in a plastic bag and lay it over the gum. Once gum hardens, remove as much as possible with a crafts stick. Then remove the rest with non-flammable paint thinner.
● Ink: Place cloth, soaked in diluted bleach, over the stain, keeping it there until the stain disappears.

When it comes to cleaning tile grout, it’s safe to say that most people think it’s one of the hardest jobs, but it doesn’t have to be! First, wipe the grout to remove surface grime. Then spray with a solution of half vinegar and half water. Leave on for five minutes and scrub with a soft (but stiff!) brush.

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