Tile: Buying and Installing

Questions to ask when looking for tile materials and installation

When it comes to shopping for tile, getting the right information to make an informed buying decision can be extremely difficult in today’s market. At About Floors n’ More in Jacksonville, we want to take much of this anxiety out of the tile buying process. Here are a few questions to ask when buying tile and hiring an installer:

Tile Purchase

  • Who manufactures the tile ( brands in store:Mohawk, Megatrade, Daltile, SICS, Emser,Imola)
  • What type of tile is it: ceramic or porcelain
  • If porcelain, is it a color body or a glazed
  • Do they use the right tile for the right application, especially weather or water exposure
  • What size is the tile
  • What size should I use


  • What setting material do they use
  • What grout do they use
  • Do they adhere to proper installation techniques as per the Tile Council of America
  • What is their installation guarantee
  • In bathrooms, what moisture precautions do they use
  • Do they use any type of crack isolation products and if so what brand
  • Does the installer have proper insurance (such as workman’s comp) & license for this type of work
  • Do they undercut the door jams
  • Do they re-enforce the floor on upper floors
  • Do they leave proper expansion joints
  • Do they butt tiles to reduce grout lines
  • Do they have a cell phone or do they also have permanent office
  • If there is a problem, will you be able to reach them, even years later
  • Will they stand behind their work and fix problems after the job is done

These questions are a great starting point if you are in the market for tile floors. Feel free to call or stop by to get additional information, see some of the great tile floors and our life time installation guarantee.