Backsplashes in Jacksonville, FL from About Floors n' More

Three ways to create better backsplashes

An excellent backsplash installation can provide extensive benefits in the kitchen, from protection to visual appeal and so much more. Choosing suitable materials is crucial, especially if you want the best lifespan from your surfaces.

Some homeowners opt for a small space for targeted coverage, while others want their backsplash to cover the entire wall. Either option is a great choice, and we'll help you create the best surfaces.

1. Choose a perfect product –
Sometimes, choosing a suitable material is more important than anything else, with options like tile, stone, and glass. Choosing glass tile offers benefits in protection, cleanability, and longevity, so ask to see this product while you’re here.

2. Include benefits that work for you –
Each material offers specific uses, so take the time to talk with a design expert who can help you match your needs to the perfect material. In addition, look for wear resistance, hypoallergenic features, and ease of installation.

3. Never skip professional installation –
While some materials are easier to install than others, there's nothing quite like finding the peace of mind that comes from a professional installation. You'll never have to worry about buying more backsplash tile than necessary or botching the installation somehow.

We’re here to discuss all your backsplash tile options

When you need a perfect backsplash, About Floors n' More is a great place to start shopping for all your products and services. We help choose materials that match your needs, from durability to lifespan.

You can visit our showrooms in Jacksonville or Jacksonville (Mandarin), FL, to find everything you need for the perfect backsplashes and backsplash installation. We look forward to working for you the same way we've worked for residents from Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, and Neptune, FL.