Three tile flooring formats to consider

Three tile flooring formats to consider

If you haven’t been into a tile store in a while, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It’s no longer considered a product mainly for kitchens & baths.

It comes in an almost unlimited number of shapes, sizes, and designs, making it as visually appealing as functional.

While the squares are probably the most common, you can get many other forms, including rectangles, penny-rounds, fans, and more. Here are three formats:

Planks: the beauty of wood, the function of tile

You may long for wood in the bath, but there are water issues that don't make it a reality. For example, consider a wood-look floor tile.

Thanks to technology like Inkjet, it’s now possible to get intricate designs that make tile ultra exciting!

Wood-look tiles have textures, knots, raised grains, color variations, and natural "imperfections." It's cut into planks of any size to resemble hardwood floorboards.

Some also use planks to simulate stone slabs; they even combine planks and squares to create grid patterns and other creative layouts.

Arabesque forms: Inspired by ancient Hellenic craftsmen

Like most, the Arabesque tile is accomplished with either porcelain or ceramic–which you'll find in our tile shop. The Arabesque shape features free-flowing lines that all weave together.

Arabesque is highly decorative. Use it to create Moroccan trellis, Greek or Roman-themed atmospheres.

About hexagon forms

Bold, geometric shapes are flying out our door! Hexagons have clean, sharp lines that give them a classic and contemporary look.

Benefits include:

1. Style. It's stylish, sophisticated, and works well in any room and decor.

2. Durable. Whether porcelain or ceramic, this floor tile is almost impossible to crack. Porcelain is considered the most durable, being heavier, denser, and with non-absorbency properties.

3. Easy to clean. Dirt and pollutant sit at the top, so they're easy to see and wiped off. No harsh cleaners are required.

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