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Three Reasons to Consider a Wood Flooring Installation

If you are in the market for new floors, and you're on the fence about which material would be best for you, we'd like to tell you a little more about wood flooring.

Wood has consistently ranked among the favorite flooring materials, not just year after year, but decade after decade. People love the rich, elegant feel it lends to any room, and the fact that it can even increase the market resale value of a home, certainly doesn't hurt, we're sure!

So, what makes wood floors so popular? Why should you consider a wood flooring installation for your home? Let's take a look!

Improved Air Quality

Many homes have family members who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory complications. If this describes your home, you will definitely want to consider wood for your next flooring install.

Unlike carpet, wood doesn't trap allergens floating in the air to be later kicked up by foot traffic. Part of properly maintaining floors made of wood is frequent sweeping and vacuuming. This means that any allergens or irritants on the floor are periodically and regularly removed from the environment, simply by taking care of the floors they way they should be. Which leads us to our next consideration...

Easy Maintenance

Unlike some flooring materials such as carpeting, which requires regular service from a professional cleaner to maintain, wood only requires you to keep it well swept or vacuumed, and occasionally mopped with a dry microfiber to keep it looking great.

Unbeatable Aesthetic

Wood offers a wide range of styles and species in a rainbow of colors. This makes wood one of the most versatile design options out there. In addition to its versatility, wood is a timelessly classic aesthetic, that makes a room simply ooze class, warmth, and elegance.

Are You Looking for the Best Wood Floors for Your Home

If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area and are interested in seeing what else wood has to offer, About Floors n' More would love to hear from you! Whether you are looking for engineered hardwood, or solid hardwood flooring, we have all of the latest styles and trends available to help you achieve your design goals on a budget.

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