Three bold ideas for backsplashes

Three bold ideas for backsplashes

A kitchen backsplash is a fantastic way to protect your walls and offer easy cleaning and maintenance. It can also be an essential part of your décor scheme, with extensive visual options catering to any need.

If you're looking for something bold to accent your design, you should know plenty of options will work for you. Here are three bold visual ideas to help you create the backsplash that works for you.

  1. Bold colors can create a stunning space that draws the eye for a backsplash tile that blends in well with various other décor elements. All colors are available, so choose a color, then decide on an installation layout that makes the most of the look.
  2.  A unique mosaic could be the bold step your kitchen needs for a stunning finish to your interior design, with a vast array of choices. Choose colors, shapes, sizes, and installation layouts to take your backsplash to the next level.
  3. Oversized geometric shapes are bold moves that draw the eye and accentuate your décor in this space. Get creative with mosaic tile options and take advantage of more than one shape or play it safe with lines and curves pleasing to the eye.

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