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Thinking of Redesigning the Nursery? Mind the Materials You Select!

Whether you have a bun in the oven and are preparing for their arrival, or have simply opted to redo your little one’s bedroom, there’s a lot to consider for such a renovation. No matter which category you may fall into, parents need to be extra diligent when selecting surfacing materials. At About Floors n’ More, our Jacksonville, FL showroom experts answer tons of questions about children’s rooms on a daily basis. Ultimately, parents keep their little one’s health at the forefront of their minds, and with this article, we aim to clarify several issues that revolve around nursery renos.

Opting for Hardwood Flooring
For families who have wood flooring or engineered hardwood, refinishing is a great, cost-friendly option to a completely new installation. Should you be leaning towards this alternative, keep your home kid-friendly, by choosing non-toxic finishes. When you do, you eliminate the stress about limiting your little one’s crawling or play time, as these types of finishes won’t pose a health concern. Water-based, low VOC-emitting top coats, stains, and varnishes should be your prime choice as a parent looking to keep their home safe. After refinishing the surfacing, make sure to let the space dry really well.

Eco-Conscious With Reclaimed Materials
Although refinishing pre-existing surfacing is an excellent way to get a new look while saving money in the process, you may be on the hunt for something totally unique. If a wood flooring installation is a possibility, get that one-of-a-kind look with reclaimed materials. Families who are eco-conscious might want to think about installing reclaimed boards or planks, then add a final touch with refinishing. In doing so, you can attain a truly unique appearance and save trees simultaneously!

Incorporate Elements of Cozy Warmth
As pretty as wood can be, it sure isn’t all that soft and cozy. In a child’s room, parents typically want to add a touch of comfort, to make the space seem more appealing and comfortable. Adding rugs or area carpets are a wonderful way to introduce elements that soften a room, but also to make it more kid-friendly. With soft surfacing add-ons, crawling, tripping, and rolling is much easier on little bodies. When deciding on which kinds of materials to buy, pick all-natural ones like bamboo, hemp, and wool, which also reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.