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There’s Nothing Quite Like Carpet

If you’re a “carpet person”, no other flooring option will do. So when it comes time to replace your flooring, there’s really no question as to what you’re going to choose. It’s simply a matter of what type, cut and color you’re going to have installed.

If carpet is your favorite type of flooring, you also don’t need a lot of information about fabric types and other particulars. Since you already know the basics, allow us to give you some of the perks you’ll find in carpet these days.

Some Carpet is Hypoallergenic
While there are no mandates for the labeling of flooring as hypoallergenic, there are some definite benefits. Of course, it will help stave off allergic reactions, which is the reason you want it in the first place.

Natural fiber hypoallergenic carpet, specifically wool, is absorbent enough to trap particles that often cause allergic reactions. It also doesn’t emit any type of gas that could be harmful or trigger your allergies. Synthetic fiber is resistant to both soil and mildew, and requires little upkeep.

Stain Resistance From the Manufacturer
One of the main things people dislike about carpet is the fact that it can be easily stained. In the last few years, that is something that has changed drastically. Thanks to new technologies and materials, carpet is more stain resistant than ever, and comes that way straight from the manufacturer.

If you worry about staining, make sure you speak to your carpet professional about it. We’re sure we can help you find a carpet that not only keeps those stains at bay, but will suit your style and preferences just the way you like.

We Can Help You Find the Perfect Carpet
At About Floors n’ More, you will find a wide selection of carpet to choose from. Deciding which is best for you, is something we can help you with. So stop by our showroom in Jacksonville, FL soon to speak with a professional who will be more than happy to help you.