waterproof flooring installation

The surprising benefits of waterproof flooring

Most people don't really think about waterproof flooring while they are out shopping for new floors. They tend to judge flooring more on its looks, and even popularity before they think about the functionality of the material they are considering.

Savvy homeowners, however, know that water in the home can be a major issue, especially when it comes to floors. So, for those of you who still aren't on board with waterproof flooring, here are a few compelling reasons why it might be the best choice for your next flooring project.


It's pretty muggy here in Florida, we all know that. What a lot of us don't know, however, is the toll that humidity takes on our floors. Carpeting here is more susceptible to mold and mildew problems, and any wood flooring is in for a rough ride, as well. Wood floors warp, separate, and cup from over-exposure to moisture.

A better alternative is to go with waterproof flooring that mimics the look and feel of wood flooring, without the troubles that come with the real McCoy.

Easy maintenance

Hardwood floors and carpeting are a lot more high-maintenance than waterproof flooring, because water is the one of the best ways to clean anything, and you can't really use it on those types of flooring with any regularity.

Mopping a hardwood floor with anything but the most well-wrung of mops will cause all of the problems indicated above. Heavy cleaning of a carpet requires professional-grade equipment, and know-how to pull off correctly. Waterproof flooring, however, is easy to deep clean, because it isn't afraid to get a little wet in the process!

Are you considering waterproof flooring for your home?

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