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The Right Choice When Your Heart is Set on Hardwood, But Your Budget is Not

Okay, folks, you can still travel in style, no matter what your budget. Affordability can be subjective, and it really comes down to how the item answers your need. Here we see some nifty organizers and backpack rollers. They are all compact and durable--just what the traveler needs-- and that's what makes them affordable.

Source: by Patch National Staff

It’s like that with flooring, especially since the floor sets the foundation for the design of a room.

Hardwood would seem to be the right choice, but there is another option when budget is a concern: Laminate.

Thanks to modern technology, laminate is remarkably vivid and realistic. You can get the look of hardwood, complete with all the different species and colors. It’s scratch and stain resistant, too, and that’s a big plus, especially if you have kids and pets.

In fact, laminate is perfect for a child’s bedroom or the playroom. Pull-toys and stains from crayons and markers are no match for laminate (just use a little water and nail polish remover to vanquish them.)

To answer the question that a lot of people ask: No, laminate is not a strange choice for the bedroom! In fact, it’s great if your child, or anyone in the family, has allergies, because it can’t hold onto dirt, dust, dust mites or anything else that can aggravate allergies. If you’re concerned about your feet getting cold, do what you’d do with a hardwood floor; layer an area rug over it, and you’ll also be adding texture and color! (Hint: About Floors n’ More carries area rugs.)

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