The best rooms for waterproof flooring installation

The best rooms for waterproof flooring installation

It’s easy to turn to waterproof flooring when the potential for water damage is high. Certain rooms see more dampness, humidity, and spills than others, making them great candidates for this flooring type.

We know that as you move closer to your remodel date, you'll have more questions about the process, the products, and the outcomes you expect. We want to provide some vital waterproof flooring installation information that could help you find your products and services faster and more efficiently.

Where are waterproof floors needed?

It's always a wise choice to place waterproof floors in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms because these are the areas where water damage is most likely to occur. Dampness, humidity, splashing, and spills may happen, but they won’t cause the same problems they would if your flooring wasn’t waterproof.

Waterproof flooring works everywhere

However, you don't have to restrict your use of waterproof flooring to wet rooms because it works so well in every space. Even in home offices, bedrooms, and living rooms, these products can offer the advantages you want and need.

Beautiful visual appeal

In addition to 100% waterproof protection, waterproof flooring brings stunning visual appeal with colors, patterns, textures, and installation layouts that you'll appreciate for years. No matter what décor you have in place, you'll find a fantastic match in this flooring line.

Excellent durability against daily wear

Daily foot traffic and activity can cause damage to your new floors, including scratches, stains, scuffs, and dents. But these floors have a protective top layer that guards against these imperfections, giving you lifespans that can reach 20 years with professional installation.

Easy installation and maintenance

Waterproof vinyl and waterproof laminate flooring offer a quick and easy installation that will allow you to walk on your new floors immediately after installation. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, even with pets and children in the home, with just a few essential tools and cleansers.

Picking the perfect waterproof flooring

When you visit About Floors n' More, you'll find experienced and knowledgeable associates ready to work with you to create surfaces that will last for decades. We'll use your requirements and preferences to craft the perfect experience in every room that needs attention.

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