Strange superstitions about fireplaces, surrounds, and hearths

The hearth has traditionally been seen as the center of the home. Before the advent of modern lighting, heating, and television, families spent many of the darker hours of the day huddled together around the warmth of the fireplace hearth, surrounded by their loved ones, and telling stories to one another.

Some of the stories they would tell were actually about the fireplace surround and hearth itself, and they got pretty darn creative in their boredom! Here are a few of the strangest old superstitions about fireplace surrounds and hearths from the good ol' days!

Smoky house? It's probably a witch!

One of the wackier superstitions about the fireplace and the hearth that surrounds it, is the notion that smoke coming into the house instead up through the chimney is the result of an unwanted visitor on your roof. In particular, people believed that if smoke was coming into your home through the fireplace, it was caused by a witch sitting on your chimney and blocking the airflow. Since then, we've learned that it really just means you should probably clean your chimney, or adjust the flue. Still, it might not hurt to pop outside and shake your fist at the invisible witch on your roof just in case!

When sparks fly...

Another charming superstition we ran into could help you find the man of your dreams! Before dating apps became a thing, people used to believe that sparks flying from the fireplace meant that a lady in the house would receive a visit from a suitor.

So, maybe the next time you are hoping for a visit from a gentleman caller, you should just throw some pine on the fire, and wait for the sparks to fly! Just make sure you have a fireplace surround, or a hearth in place to catch them!

Your chimney cap protects you from bad luck

While this superstition doesn't exactly revolve around your fireplace hearth or surround, it is tangentially related. People used to believe that a bird flying into your home, either via a door or window or, more commonly, through the chimney, was a sign that you were in for a whole boatload of bad luck. Apparently, they hadn't thought of chimney caps yet!

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