Some Great Affordable Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Now

Many of those who visit with us at About Floors n' More in Jacksonville, FL, come with the hope of finding affordable ways to improve their kitchens and bathroom. We often show these customers the great selection of laminate flooring that we have, but we would also like to share a new site that offers consumers reliable hints and tips on other ways to get more for their bucks when it comes to home improvements and ways to make life easier.

We saw this story recently and thought this was a good idea. This is a site where you, the consumer, may have a place to share those good gadgets that you come across. Here is part of it:

“TALK BACK! Know of a book, website or tool you'd like to share with Shop Talk readers? Send details to or call (904) 359-4628. COOL TOOLS: No kitchen is complete without at least one set of measuring spoons. Whether you’re a novice cook or a seasoned chef, the Prepworks by Progressive magnetic measuring spoon set will make your culinary efforts a lot easier.”

Source: SHOP" class="redactor-linkify-object"> TALK: Cool tools, great websites and news you can use by Anne Hammock.

As for flooring options, laminate floor coverings have become very popular in our area and for some good reasons.The first is that laminate flooring is very affordable. This is important for those homeowners and business owners who are working on a tight budget. The second reason we love laminate is that it is incredibly durable and, yet, easy to clean and maintain. For those who have kids, pets, or expect heavy foot traffic, having a tough flooring covering is crucial. And lastly, we love these flooring systems because you can find just about any color, pattern, or theme you can imagine. This makes finding that perfect flooring a snap, especially if you are looking for look-like tile, natural stone, wood, or hand-scraped flooring.

There are many other benefits to owning laminate, and we would love to share them with you if you come by our showroom in Jacksonville. Our staff can explain how these new flooring systems have changed over the years, making them one of the most popular flooring options in America today. Stop by About Floors n' More today and see how remarkable laminate flooring has become, thanks to new manufacturing processes, and how affordable these systems are for both homes and businesses.