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Should I install waterproof flooring in my living room?

Yes, floors should be waterproof no matter what the room, and that includes the living area.

Don’t think because it has the word “waterproof” that it should only be used only for flooring in kitchens, baths or laundry areas.

It has a high-end look that makes it appropriate for anywhere in the house.

Living rooms can get leaks, too

Just because it doesn’t have a sink or dishwasher doesn’t mean this space isn’t prone to leaks. You can spend thousands of dollars replacing furnishings and floors.

Before you walk into any store, know why your living room flooring should be waterproof.

●Pools: Many of today’s homes have open layouts. These have doors that access the backyard. If you have a pool, people can run in with wet feet or damp towels.
●Chimneys: Floridians are no strangers to tropical rainstorms with heavy winds. When that wind comes from just the right angle, it can damage the chimney flashing. Many chimneys are over the living room
●Adjacent leaks and floods: Plumbing systems are a series of joints and connectors that go through the entire house; they are not contained in one room.

A weakness in one area, or even a seemingly harmless slow drain, can impact another with a flood. Also, water from an appliance flood in the kitchen can travel to other rooms, especially when they're close by.

●Outside drainpipes. Yes, they can affect the inside, by causing moisture to build up in walls, resulting in peeling and flaking.

What is this flooring?

It is a luxury vinyl with a fairly new, technologically advanced core, WPC (wood plastic composite). This core offers the ultimate protection in moisture build-up and, of course, is waterproof. The core also makes the vinyl a little thicker.

You’ll have the same style and features, but with the addition of more protection.

Luxury vinyl is an incredibly realistic mimic of wood, stone or tile. Because of digital photography, you'll see knots, raised grains and swirls. Colors will be vibrant and will “pop.” Features like embossing give the floors a wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered or antiqued look.

When vinyl first came to the U.S. market decades ago, it was praised by retailers for its high functionality. The flooring was waterproof, durable, very affordable and easy to maintain and install. Now it's also lauded for the many design options.

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