Protect Your Floors & Carpet on Moving Day

Whether you’re coming or going, Moving Day is and always will be stressful. Hiring movers is one way to reduce the stress of getting all that stuff you’ve accumulated from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately, local movers never seem to care about your flooring as much as you do. Here are a few tips we’ve compiled to help protect your new floors against work boots, wooden furniture and dirt,

•Use a Quality Floor Runner to Protect Wood Flooring

Using floor runners or simple area rugs are a great defense against the sometimes careless movers who may drag heavy wooden furniture into a newly floored living room. Moving-quality runners can be found at package supply stores as well as from online retailers. You can expect to find floor runners in 200’ rolls with a self-adhesive to prevent slipping and sliding. If you’re in a pinch, Red Rosin Paper can be used as well. It’s inexpensive and can be found in your local home improvements store.

•Protect carpet w/ carpet masking

Carpet Masking typically sells in 24”x200’ rolls and vary in price, though you can expect anywhere from $30-$60. Like stretch wrap, a carpet mask provides a layer of protection from dirt being tracked in. Carpet masks have self-adhesive, provide a non-slip surface, and are easy to install.

•Use Shoe Booties

Provide shoe booties for movers and anyone else that may be helping out during your big day. Shoe booties are affordable and reliable as well as an added layer of protection against dirt and moisture getting to your new floors.

•Use plywood to protect floors

If renting a dolly to roll out those extra heavy pieces of furniture is a must, consider laying out plywood over your existing floor. Plywood will take all the damage and protect your beautiful floor. If plywood is not an option, check the wheels of the dolly before you rent or buy it. Inflatable, rubber wheels will wreak much less havoc than metal wheels.

•Utilize Furniture Sliders

Furniture Sliders can be found at most local retailers and are available in all shapes and sizes. Commonly used for dining room tables, desks and chair legs, they are a great item to hold onto and reuse over the years.

-Good Luck!