Proper Carpet Installation

carpet installation

Plush interior carpeting is a definite must-have for a cozy home. It offers a relaxing vibe that will make homeowners look forward to going home fast. Here is a quick look at the ins and outs of carpet installation.

Installing wall-to-wall carpet can prove to be a daunting task. While it isn't exactly on par with rocket science, it does require patience and a little know-how. This is why we offer carpet installation services to assist our clients in this important home improvement task.

Let our team guide you with basic information on the step-by-step process we perform for homeowners:


Remove the old carpet. Be sure that the floor is clear from any remnant of the old carpeting material.


Lay the underpad seams. This will let you make sure that the new carpet will stay in place.


Make sure to climatize your new carpet before attempting to install. Otherwise, the carpet may suffer from shrinking or expanding, which will ruin the measurement.


After properly acclimatizing the carpet, we can then proceed to cutting the rug to just the right dimensions.


Our team will attach your carpet onto your floors and make sure that every inch is covered.

All you have to do then is just sit back and take in the beauty of a hard day's work. Pay us a visit and let us take you on a proverbial magic carpet ride. We provide everything from wall-to-wall carpets to throw rugs that come in a variety of tones, textures, styles, and materials to tickle the fancy of even the most discriminating homeowner.

You won't find better carpets in Jacksonville, Florida. At About Floors N More, all you have to do is pick and we'll deliver and install the carpet of your choice for you. Contact us at (904) 685-6191 or (904) 513-9410. Our team would be more than glad to be of assistance.