luxury vinyl plank flooring

Prevent scratches to hard surfacing with our advice

Whether you choose to install luxury vinyl planks, solid hardwood slats or another hard surface material, it’s essential to understand how you can prevent damage. During a renovation, you’re actively adding value to your home, which will pay off in the long run once your sell your property. However, between the time you install your luxury vinyl planks, for instance, and the time you place your home for sale, you’ll need to prevent scratches from ruining your floors.
With the following advice from our Jacksonville, FL showroom professionals at About Floors n’ More, we’ll help you figure out how to do so, so you can maintain the value of your makeover.
Avoid sharp objects from the get-go
Prevent unfortunate damage from the get-go by asking family members and visitors to remove their shoes, especially high heels that can reek havoc on any type of hard surfacing.
Use absorbent rugs and waterproof mats
An excellent way to prevent damage is to add rugs and mats to all entry points. These two options trap problematic substances, like water, grit, oil, sand, and dirt, keeping them away from your new floors. Don’t forget to clean the waterproof mats regularly, and shake out rugs before vacuuming them to eliminate as many substances as you can.
Add felt protectors
You know those thick, felt stickers some people place on the feet of their furniture? Well, those are actually a real lifesaver, or floor saver, we should say. They help prevent heavy objects from leaving a permanent imprint or hole in your planks or carpeting. Every year or so, replace them so you get optimal protection.
Sweep and vacuum frequently
Sweep hard surfacing every day to remove dust and dirt build-up. Avoid using a power rotary brush or beater brush on planks, as this can irreparably damage them. Carpeting also requires vacuuming, though usually not a daily basis. Of course, this all depends upon the amount of foot traffic you get in your home. Sweeping and vacuuming removes waste that builds up on the surface, which can eventually scratch your floors.
Deep scratches on your luxury vinyl planks
At times, try as hard as we may, our surfacing gets damaged. Should you believe you’ll need a replacement, we recommend you come into our About Floors n’ More showroom with a picture of the damage, so we can better evaluate the solution.