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Pick the Best Flooring Color With These Four Tips

The truth is, color matching isn’t an easy thing to do. In fact, many would say its an art that eludes many. That’s why you shouldn’t feel awkward or inadequate when you’re having a horrible time choosing the best luxury vinyl plank color for your home. When you look through the endless samples of color, you’ll likely come to the understanding that color choices and pairing possibilities are, for all intents and purposes, endless. But thanks to our About Floors n’ More Jacksonville, FL showroom professionals; the following 4 tips will help you select the best color luxury vinyl planks for your room:

#1- Room Size
No matter the size of the room, color will always create a sizable impact, capable of turning your small space into something visually bigger or big space into something visually wider. For instance, dark or warm colors, like walnut or Wenge, can add a cozier feel to an area that is large. On the other hand, natural and lighter tones can really open a small room, so opt for light oak or beige luxury vinyl plank.

#2 – Color Effect
Ultra light neutral tones create a sense of tranquility, and a general breezy feel, as well as a sense of purity and openness. For a cooler look that’s equally peaceful, try a grey palette, which has truly a timeless appeal. Want something that’s more on the classy side that oozes luxury? Go for the deepest shades of brown or black. Additionally, you’ll also create a sense of drama and power with dark luxury vinyl planks, so get ready for true atmosphere in your place!

Tip #3 - Light
Lighting plays a big role in color selection, and must certainly be taken into account. Throughout the day, natural light filters into your home, giving it a visual effect, and playing on flooring color. But in the evening, when natural light is gone, and you are dependent upon artificial lighting, you’ll get an entirely different impression. Before picking the perfect flooring, walk around your space during various times of the day, to give you a better idea of what unique lighting you must keep in mind.

Tip #4: The Big Picture
Don’t randomly select a color that you like in-store, it’s possibly the worst mistake you could every make. Not taking wall color, furniture, and décor into account is leaving out the big picture of your room; the room itself! So, along with your flooring color ideas, bring a few things from the room, like cushions, curtains, paintings, wall color samples or rugs, to help you compare and contrast flooring color, and ensure the pallet choice is optimal.