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Pets and Laminate Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

We all know the very act of petting an animal can lower blood pressure. There was even a study showing that infants and very, very young children, in families with dogs and cats, have boosted immune systems. The idea is that the pets, especially dogs who are outside, expose the very young to bacteria, creating a sort of probiotic effect that results in better resistance.

There have even been numerous reports that the animal-bond connection helps improve the social skills of kids on the Autism spectrum.

Now a Swedish study, published this week in Scientific Reports, shows that dog ownership lowers risk of cardiovascular disease: by CNN, published in News4Jax.Com.

If you’ve always wanted a pet, but held off because you were afraid of damage and odors, consider something durable, like laminate, and get it at About Floors n’ More.

Laminate is a good choice for four-legged residents because:

1. It’s easy to clean. For routine maintenance, just sweep or vacuum. Laminate’s protective layer at the top prevents stains from seeping in so they wipe right off, but for more thorough cleaning, use a damp mop and gentle detergent.

Accidents happen and you certainly don’t want odors taking over your home. The first and best thing is to always check with your flooring retailer. Sometimes a little white vinegar will do the trick; remember, don’t use excess liquid. Laminate holds up to non-abrasive cleaners, so another alternative, assuming there are no cracks or damage to the protective coating, is to very gently work baking soda onto the floor and into seams. Rub (not scrub) gently.

2. It’s water-resistant. Don’t worry about toppled water dishes, but do wipe puddles quickly.
3. Laminate is durable. The protective “wear layer” makes it resistant to scratches (but just in case, do keep your pet’s nails clipped.) For extra protection, use rubber castors (not plastic or metal which can actually create scratches) on your laminate floor.

If your pet loves to run, consider laminate with a textured or embossed finish to reduce slipping; smooth, high gloss finishes can be slippery.

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