waterproof flooring

Oops! I Shoulda Had Waterproof Flooring!

It’s only natural that those who live in tropical-storm prone areas like Jacksonville would put “must be waterproof” as the first requirement for flooring.
Waterproof Flooring is fairly new to the scene, and it’s already wildly popular.
Of course, we’re not talking about tile or stone, which were once the only alternatives if you wanted a waterproof floor. What we’re talking about is the hybrid: Luxury vinyl with a completely waterproof core (WPC).
Tropical storms, hurricane-force rains and other weather, aren’t the only time you’ll wish you had it, and these are some scenarios:
●You have kids, and kids are well-known as “spillers.”
●You’re longing for hardwood in some high-moisture room like the bathroom or laundry room, where it’s never recommended for installation. Besides, your budget says no.
●You have pets, and the inevitable toppled water bowls which can create those little puddles.
●You just entertain frequently, and parties can be a nightmare of spills.
Best of all, you can get it right here in Jacksonville at About Floors ‘n More.
Plenty of Other Reasons to Love It
Waterproof Flooring is:
●Stylish. High definition photography makes for some remarkable mimicry. You can get the material cut into plank form to resemble many colors and species of wood or tile-sized pieces with all the colors, shapes and patterns.
Speaking of wood, one of the hottest trends is a light grey floor. Another popular style right now is a wide plank, so this can also be the ideal time to update your home decor!
●Durable: Highly durable with the thickest wear layer around. The wear layer is the top clear plastic sheet that protects against scratches and dents. It also means you can’t “walk off” that photographic image.
●Easy to care for: Just sweep or vacuum (with gentle brushes and turn off those beater bars.) For more thorough cleaning, use a damp mop with a manufacturer-approved soap.
While this type of flooring is still a lot more affordable than hardwood and it is coming down in price. It does have a lot of features, though, and, as they say, “you get what you pay for.”
To learn more, feel free to come into the About Floors ‘n More showroom in Jacksonville, FL.