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More Good News for Jacksonville Homeowners, Sellers, and Buyers

While many other places in the US are still struggling with the negative side of the housing market, Jacksonville is seeing some very positive marks. It was just reported that our area is showing an improvement of over 6 percent for 2016. This can be good news for both buyers and sellers, since it tends to increase the housing inventory (for buyers), and brings in better prices (for sellers). Here is the first part of the article that alerted us to this news.

“Jacksonville's housing market continues to show improvement as prices have increased 6.1 percent this year, according to data from Black Knight Financial Services. The Jacksonville-based company posts monthly reports on the nation's housing market. Black Knight's home price index puts the average price for a house in the River City at $199,000, which is 19.9 percent from the area's peak in June 2006 when sales averaged $248,000.”


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