waterproof flooring

Minimize pet mess with waterproof flooring

At About Floors n' More, we answer a great deal of questions with regards to which surfacing material is best for homes that have pets, at our Jacksonville, FL showroom. Undoubtedly, while there is a myriad of options on the market at present, there’s one factor that homeowners with pets shouldn’t overlook: Resistance to liquid accidents. What’s your best bet if you have dogs or cats? We suggest waterproof flooring, which is what we’ll be discussing in this article today. To find out the 3 top benefits of such a versatile, modern material, keep reading:
First and foremost, as the name implies, waterproof flooring is impenetrable to liquids. Let’s face it, as pet owners; we have to deal with a lot of mishaps. From cleaning up after Fido because he’s a messy eater, to wiping up urine accidents because Betsy’s an older dog that can’t make it to the backyard half the time, it always seems like we’re mopping up some type of liquid. Why not make it easier on yourself, then? You can, if you opt for a surfacing material that’s impenetrable to liquids, greatly minimize stains, discolorations, and water damage.
Basically, you could say that the impenetrable quality of waterproof flooring goes hand-in-hand with it being easy-to-clean. In the end, really, with pets, it always seems like we’re cleaning this, cleaning that. If it’s not pet hair, it’s vomit, and if it’s not vomit, it’s urine, there’s always something! Luckily, modern-day manufacturing technologies have developed this amazing surfacing option, one that’s simple to clean, thus easy to maintain.
3—Aesthetically pleasing
With the first two benefits in mind, obviously, waterproof flooring isn’t that attractive to look at, right? Well, actually, the opposite is true! Again, it all comes down to the latest manufacturing trends that are incredibly advanced, capable of making any plank look like , well, whatever you want it to look like! As such, you can choose from a wide assortment of color, design, and style options. Whether it’s imitation reclaimed wood, or faux ceramic slats, waterproof flooring will positively wow you with it’s unique appearance.