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Many People are Unfamiliar with Tile Flooring

If you have overlooked choosing tile flooring for your home in the past because you just don’t know enough about it, allow us to change that for you! Tile is an amazing flooring material that offers great style, many benefits, and the ability to personalize it any way you can imagine.

In fact, tile flooring is so easy to design with, it’s almost like an art form all on its own. Depending upon what style you choose, you use color as a central focus, or you could choose a particular design, with tiles of all different shapes and sizes, to form a motif of your own design.

Two Different Tile Types
There are two main types of tile flooring: Ceramic tile and porcelain tile. Many people speak of them as if they are the same, but they aren’t. In fact, they are quite different, while still remaining similar.

Allow us to explain…

Ceramic and porcelain tile are both made with many of the same materials. Porcelain is made from a higher quality clay that has more density, and it also has a feldspar content that is higher. It’s more durable, offers better resistance to scratches and stains, and is a lot harder than ceramic.

Ceramic tile is made using a mixture of sand, clay and other natural materials, then formed into shape and fired in a kiln. While it is created in much the same way as porcelain tiles, the makeup of the materials makes it less hard, easier to wear down and less resistant to water.

How the Materials Affect the Cosmetics
Since porcelain tile is made with higher quality clay, the tile flooring you’ll get will be the same color throughout, in each tile. Ceramic tile flooring, on the other hand, is often a much different color on the inside than on the outside.

If you’d like to see these differences for yourself, feel free to stop by About Floors n’ More at our showroom located in Jacksonville, FL. We’d be happy to show you plenty of samples, and answer any questions that you might have.