luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl plank: This flooring re-defines richness

When we hear the word “luxury,” many of us automatically think of high-priced jewelry, yachts, mansions or other sumptuous environments, or anything that reflects abundance.
Make no mistake, though, it can also be as affordable as a wood plank, when the “wood” is really vinyl.
Vinyl has come a long way since it was first introduced in the early 20th century as an economy flooring. It’s evolved over the years, and when cut into a plank, it can be a remarkable mimic of real wood, giving you the same style, warmth, elegance and luxury of the real thing.
More reasons to love vinyl plank
●Style. You’ll have the luxury of a large assortment of species from which to choose. It will absolutely look like the real thing, (unless you go for those super-cheap, bargain-basement prices of which inferior product is usually a result).
High definition photography makes it clear and concise. Texturing makes it even more authentic, giving it a wire-brushed, antique or distressed look. That adds depth and dimension.
●Durability. Luxury isn’t always “delicate,” as in little teacups or fine silks that have special dry cleaning instructions. Vinyl itself is tough and hardworking, but whether it’s sheet or cut into plank or tile, it will be protected by a clear, hard, plastic wear layer that makes it 100% waterproof, as well as scratch-resistant.
●Easy-care. Luxury can be low maintenance. Stains, even lipstick and nail polish, can be easily removed from vinyl. When a plank is damaged, just replace the damaged one(s), and not the entire floor.
●Easy to install: Luxury doesn’t mean “difficult to acquire.” In fact, it’s very easy to install, whether you choose to do-it-yourself or have an installer do it. Vinyl is a floating installation meaning that, with a few exceptions, it can be installed right over the existing surface floor. No subfloor preparation required. Every plank just clicks and locks. Easy peasy!
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