Luxury vinyl plank flooring in a Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home

Luxury vinyl plank floors: 4 Care tips to keep your installation looking its best!

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has quickly become a favorite installation choice for families looking to simplify their lives. Stain and water-resistant, it makes cleaning up after children – and pets – all that much easier. What’s more, and undoubtedly one of the reasons this flooring is so popular, luxury vinyl offers a vast array of lookalike options. As such, you can get the exotic look you want at what’s typically more cost-effective prices. Wondering how to care for this installation? Let’s go over a few tips to keep your floors looking its best!

Soft bristles are a must to protect your floors

An absolute must to ensure your floors are protected is to use a soft-bristled broom when sweeping up crumbs, sand or dirt. While your installation is indeed manufactured with a protective surface coating, it's always a good move to use soft bristles to ensure it doesn't get inadvertently scratched.

Use a damp mop – not one that’s sopping wet!

When a mop is too wet, it can leave behind excess water that can eventually seep into the joints of your installation. This seepage can ultimately create several problems. Instead, ensure your mop is slightly damp when cleaning your floors.

Safeguard your luxury vinyl plank floors with mats

No matter what type of flooring you have, it’s always best to use mats at entry points. By limiting dirt, grime, chemicals, and other outside substances from getting tracked in, you’ll not only protect your installation from damage but also extend its lifespan.

Felt floor protectors preserve from indents

Lastly, felt floor protectors that cover the contact point of objects in your home can prevent both indentations and scratches. This is especially true of heavier furniture that can sometimes leave behind a damaged installation. These are easy to find at your local hardware stores and are very inexpensive.

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