vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl: A trending flooring in 2020

The economy is one of the big trend drivers, and in 2020 people will be looking for value more than ever. They want beauty, comfort, and affordability. Enter luxury vinyl because it checks all those boxes.

What’s WPC and SPC?
It might seem confusing to the consumer, but it's quite simple it's all luxury vinyl, but with different cores that offer various levels of protection.

Both are technologically advanced and neither will ever peel and ripple, no matter how much water you pour on it.

There are subtle differences between SPC (stone plastic composite) and WPC (wood plastic composite) though.

SPC is the one mainly used for rigid vinyl. It's denser and a little sturdier and was originally used mainly for commercial applications where the foot traffic is always heavy. More and more, because of all the design options, we're seeing this flooring installed in homes.

WPC has the same number of design options, and it does make the vinyl thicker. Thicker means the flooring is also more durable than traditional luxury, but it’s less dense and a little softer on which to stand or walk; that’s an advantage for those who stand for long periods in certain rooms, such as the kitchen when it comes time to prepare a big meal.

Stylish Savings!
●This flooring is a wonderfully realistic mimic of wood, tile or stone. That’s why they call it luxury. By the way, wood and stone, especially marble, are hot this year. Tile is all about colors, whether bold and vibrant or subtle and neutral and patterns such as hexagons and mosaics. Textures are going to be big in 2020, especially wire-brushed, hand-scraped and distressed.
●Durability. Vinyl is one of the most family and pet-friendly materials around! It is durable, and you can get different levels of protection with the various cores.
●Easy installation. It “floats” over most existing floors and can either be glued or clicked.
●Simple maintenance. Just sweep daily and every week run a mop dampened with water and a manufacturer-approved cleaner.

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