Local Woman Gets Big Promotion at Jacksonville Landing

At About Floors n' More, we love to hear good news about our friends and neighbors. New births, new home ownership, and new job promotions, especially for those people who have worked so hard to rise in the ranks. We saw a recent story about one such woman. Here is a bit of that happy story:

“Other than a few breaks for career detours — and another to get married and move back home to West Virginia — Janice Lowe has worked at The Jacksonville Landing since nearly the beginning. “I’ve been here a long time,” she said. “I have worked so many hours and so many days, but when the band is playing and the people are having fun, it gives me joy. It gives me life.”

Source: Janice" class="redactor-linkify-object">http://jaxdailyrecord.com/showstory.php?Story_id=5... Lowe has gone from intern to general manager at Jacksonville Landing by Max Marbut.

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